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Zupon Beauty – Beauty & Wellness Awards 2019 Part 1

Zupon Beauty – Beauty & Wellness Awards 2019 Part 1

Zupon Beauty is pleased to announce that we are taking home 5 awards (3 products and 2 services) from Beauty & Wellness Awards 2019, presented by Beauty Insider Singapore! In this post, let’s talk about the products!

Award-Winning Products

Nicely Sweet Moisturising UV Day Cream (20ml):

A mineral sunscreen that is suitable even for sensitive skin, this product contains collagen extract to boost hydration. 

With SPF 50 and PA ++, this tinted sunscreen protects the skin from harmful external particles while enhancing the skin cell immune system and natural function. It increases the skin transparent feeling; giving you a soft, smooth and healthy complexion.

It comes in a universal shade specially formulated for Asian skin. Horsetail Extract, which can be found in the sunscreen, is excellent in bringing down inflammation from being exposed to harmful UV Rays or those with hypersensitive skin. It is also is non comedogenic and calming on the skin. Our most-loved and highly-rated product for the past 28 years.

Nicely Sweet Sensitive Repair Cream (120ml):

Nicely Sweet Sensitive Repair cream is a moisturiser that is suitable for all skin types.

This product enhances cell activation and metabolism, simultaneously strengthen the cells against harmful elements. For skin that already is highly-sensitive, the anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming effect will help in reducing sensitiveness and prevent breakouts or redness.

For brighter complexion. Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root extract is added into this product, which serves as an excellent skin melanin inhibitor. Chamomile flower extract and calendula extract helps to calm ‘angry’ sensitive skin, reducing redness and bumps. This product also contains rosehip oil, grapeseed oil and evening primrose oil, all of which is extremely hydrating. This cream is formulated for sensitive skin so it is mild enough to be used near the eye area without being too ‘heavy’. Another one of our best-selling products.

Hair Eir Herbaceous Shampoo (310ml):

This naturally formulated shampoo helps to regulate sebum secretion and improve circulation. Massage the scalp and hair while shampooing to activate its active ingredients to perform its fullest effect and promote a total scalp care system. Anti-bacterial and alleviate scalp itching, irritation and redness, strengthen and protect the scalp and hair. Applicable to all hair types, especially oily scalp.

It contains a high amount of ginger extract that is very effective in promoting blood circulation in our scalp, which gradually stops hair fall and promote hair growth. Most commercial shampoos contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), which may be a skin irritant to some. Therefore, we use a safer and milder ingredient instead, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, is derived from coconut oil and does not strip the natural oils from your hair.

This shampoo is able to cleanse any remaining residue on our scalp and hair and promotes a cleaner unclogged hair follicle, resulting in a stronger hair strand, thus lesser hair fall. Due to the activation of its live ingredients, this shampoo gives you a ‘cooling’ and fresh feel after each wash. 

So, where can you buy these products? At all of our outlets, of course! Alternatively, customers may also buy these from our online store (click ‘Products’), as well as our Q0010 e-shop!

Psst, stay tuned for upcoming promotions for these products. Don’t say ‘bo jio’!


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