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Zupon is a Singapore based beauty company which provides all beauty and skin products. Zupon Beauty Company was started in 1991. Zupon started with a small sub-lease space. Later with the increase in clients, Zupon Beauty Company has moved to bigger units. Now we have a 42 hundred sq. ft. supporting office and store to manage 6 beauty salons. Zupon provides full range of skin products & services. The quality of skin products and services of Zupon Beauty have improved as technology advances.

There are four types of skin- Normal skin Dry skin, Oily skin and Combination skin. And the basic two skin conditions are sensitive skin and acne-prone skin.
Normal skin is a type of which has fine, even & smooth surface due to its balance between moisture & oil content. People with this type of skin have small and barely visible pores. Dry skin is a type of skin which has a parched appearance and tends to flake easily. People with this type of skin normally has problems in cold weather. Oily skin is a type of skin which has greasy skin surface. The reason of it is over secretion of sebum. The too much oil on the skin causes dust and dirt from the environment to adhere to it. Oily skin usually prone to blackheads, spots & pimples. Combination skin is a combination of oily and dry skin. These are the 4 types of skin. For all these types of skin separate skin products are used.

Why buy skin products from Zupon beauty

We at Zupon Beauty have skin products for all types of skin, whether it is Normal, Dry, combination or oily skin. We have very wide range of skin products. We also provide the skin products for sensitive and acne prone skin. The quality of our skin products is very good. So if you want healthy skin, you can get skin products from Zupon beauty.


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