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Zupon skincare beauty hub has been serving our customers in Singapore since 1991.Our culture is, our employees are like our family ,and we are always looking for new members to join our family ! Be one of us ! Send us your resume via email to zuponbeauty@gmail.com and we will get back to you very soon.

  1. As long as you have a open heart, willing to learn new skills , experience and age does not matter ,we provide training and you can start to work on the very next day after we have approved your application.
  2. In Zupon ,we reward our staff with a points every month for them to be able to use the points to exchange for service or product in our company, we want our family to have good skin without having to pay extra for it !
  3. In Zupon , we are very driven to make sure that our customer is always leaving our premises in satisfactory , which is why we know how important customer service is , our main important requirement will be , applicant has to posses good positive mindset ,pleasant disposition so that , when face with a setback , our staff knows that we should not let emotion got the upper hand and create commotion or upset in the peaceful Zupon premises .
  4. Applicant with extra skill in promoting sales and brand or product will be given a even better employment package, demonstrate good customer service and sale driven will be a plus point .
  5. Lastly , we take personal hygiene very seriously . Applicant would have to know , if they are not well groomed or clean , this will reflect a very bad image in our company , and in Zupon we believe , ‘there is no ugly women , only Lazy women ‘ . Only when a women is lazy and cannot be bothered with anything , for example taking care of her skin , lazy to do proper cleansing before sleeping etc… will lead to a perception that this women is unkempt and ugly.

Send us your resume now ! or email us at zuponbeauty@gmail.com for enquiries