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Did You Know


First small sub lease salon at Tampines central 1, situated within the Shop N Save shopping mall.


In Sep 1997, our second outlet in People’s Park Complex made its entry into the market due to growing customers and an outlet in Tampines too small for all our customers.

The same year in Dec, we opened our third outlet at Boon Lay.


Bestway Department chain, announced their closure of their entire Bestway stores in the whole Singapore.

All Bestway outlets were critically affected and were forced to close. Left with no choice but to shift our loyal customers to other unaffected outlets, meanwhile, hunting for suitable places and areas for setting up of new treatment outlets.

In April, we managed to find a suitable lease area in Bedok, thereby settling the customers in Bedok new outlet.

The same happens in Clementi, we managed to find a shop in Clementi area in Sep, so Clementi customers were not affected by the closure of Bestway Department chain too.


We locate an even better location and a much spacious outlet hence shifting our Bencoolen premises over to the FuLuShou Complex, on the 16 of April 2009.

Due to some facilities problem we found a heartland spot at Bedok, Blk412, shifting from the old premises to the new one on the 26 of June 2009.


To cater for the increasing number of customers who took part in our promotions in NEX counter, Serangoon. On the 7 of December 2013 we have managed to find a humble, but cosy area at Blk 265, walking distance from NEX shopping centre.

Now: Currently, we have six Zupon Outlets in Singapore. We strive to serve our Zuponies with the best treatments and products at any time!

Did You Know!

Although Zupon might not be those skincare salon endorsed by famous celebrities, with many flashy overrated advertisement bombarding your radio, TV or internet. But to this date, we have done at least a total of 504 000 number of treatment procedure on our customer for the last 24 years, we have never fail to use the finest quality product and each of our humble beautician uses their sincere attitude to really treat each of their customer thoroughly to ensure they are always returning for more but at an affordable price, which is our key objective.

Did You Know!

We know how scary and irritating it is as a customer to be forced to purchase a treatment package with the face half done with their skincare treatment, lying on the bed, or customer at their vulnerable situation such as lying naked doing back massage and controlled by dominating skincare advisor. We have heard many stories of many other salons out there from our caring customer who relates to us (imagine our horror! And sympathy….)

Which is why, customers can rest assured that Zupon frown upon these kinds of conduct and we always do our best to ensure our customers can truly enjoy their treatment peacefully.

Did You Know!

Most of the system in other spa facial salon , they have a fixed duration for all their facial treatment , and most typical range u will see ,will be 45min, 60mins or even 90min of their service . The shortest duration might not even be cheap or affordable.

However in Zupon, because we believe each customer is different, we never rush through extraction or massages etc, just to hasten the facial treatment. Each of our customers will be paid attention to by our beauticians, giving them the sense of exclusiveness they all deserve. The most basic facial in Zupon catered to teenagers with acne problems will still clock a minimum of 75min. As of today, 90percent of our clients, each of their facial have a minimum duration of 100min and the maximum duration for some client clock at 150min on face alone! Pampering indeed!