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Zupon Beauty is a Singapore-based beauty care company providing full and comprehensive range of beauty products and services such as skincare, facial and slimming consulting services. As technology advances, our beauty product and services have also improved drastically. We can now offer services covering from head to toe and giving holistic solutions to our customers. Our customers like the idea of finding all services under one roof.
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Have been a long time customer with Zupon. Enjoy their wonderful products and friendly, reliable and responsible staff. Would recommend for anyone who does not have a regular beautician or wish to try out or even for a change.


我 在 zupon Beauty 冼脸已经12年了。好喜欢它们的服务和产品。


Zupon staff is very friendly and sincere. Service is good and the price is reasonable and affordable. Highly recommended!


我已经在Zupon 洗脸有14年了,觉得她们的服务和产品都还满意。


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